Final – LightBulb Lamp

This was a very fun course. I think having this course as an elective is a disservice to the instructor, the students, and the course itself. This should be a complete studio, perhaps between Design studio 3 and Design studio A. The value of what is learned in this course should be used in other forms of architectural design. The run out-and-play format of the course works well w/ architectural students’ proclivity to explore.

Designing the final project I wanted something that I would use in my own home and of course utilitarian, also something I knew would not be too complicated to complete. So utilitarian + humor = lightbulb within a lightbulb lamp.

This one was quickly fabricated w/ the lasercutter and 2ply chipboard was used. I intend on using other materials and readjusting the design for other shapes soon.


3D Printer Experiments…

So naturally, after becoming fairly comfortable w/ Rhino and Grasshopper, I decided to let my inner boy loose and just play around and make stuff. Here are some of the things I attempted to make. There are some things to learn while using the 3D printer:

1. Make sure your design is a CLOSED SOLID. Check for any OPEN SURFACES.

2. Consider just how delicate your fabricated design may be. Removing the ‘candy’ from the

fabricate may result in breakage.

Playing around w/ Panelling in GRSSHPPR

applying the previous grasshopper rhino integration into a torus form. this funx is called ‘Morph Tile’. Links to helpful tutorials posted below.

you can find this tutorial under ‘morph tile’ under the Grasshopper headings, it’s the last tutorial.

-the actual video if you couldn’t find it.